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They zoom after him in all manner of cars, trucks, garishly painted busses, and motorcycles. N: Greggery receives information that the greatest living philostopher known to mankind is currently in possession of the very information in question. To elude them, Greggery takes the "Shot Forest" exit off the express way. ) Which seems to be rumbling up from the very depths of the cave in which he has hidden his car. Well I just called yez up cause I wanted to see, can the philostopher be some assistance to me? .) N: Every morning Greggery drives his little red Volkswagen, to the ugly part of town, where they keep the government buildings. And so it was, one fateful morning Greggery Peccary made his way through the steno pool. aapezzuto Well, it all started late one night when I was living in Strangetown. N: Greggery Peccary takes the elevator up to the 83rd floor of a grim, grey, evil-looking building with a sign on the front reading "BIG SWIFTY AND ASSOCIATES... And spreads it throughout the land using all the frightening little skills that Science has made available! This lead to an interesting chain of events, and now I am requesting a name change from my initials and last name to my current occupation. In fact we couldn't think of a time in the next 6-7 years that we would be able to have a second one, so we joked a lot about me better hoping for twins. She was a 3rd year medical student at the time, and we didn't see any better time on the horizon.

: I must plummet boldly forward to my ultra-avant laminated simulated replica mahogany desk with the strategically placed, imported very hip water pipe, and the latest edition of the "Whole Earth catalogue", and rack my agile mind for a spectacular new trend, thereby rejuvenating our limping economy, and providing for bored miserable people everywhere, some great new thing to identify with. Everyone lived happily ever after, and by everyone i mean viktor because all the humans were as cattle to him and thats not a very happy life to live. " And I raised my hand eagerly jumping up and down like a crazy teen on something. of course,and this hot dude on the stage pulls this huge plastic gun from behind some thing and I think "oh dear, what have i gotten myself into? The hot dude says "It's heavy, maybe someone should help you hold it" But naaah I can do it myself my sister says.... N: And with that, Greggery turned & strode nonchalantly into his dinky little office, with the desk, and the catalogue, and the very hip water pipe, and proceeded with a vigor and determination know only to piglets of a similarly diminutive proportion, to single-handedly invent THE CALENDAR. Meanwhile the enraged hunchmen (and hunchwomen), rumble through the short forest until realizing that the little swine has escaped. the greatest living philostofer known to mankind : Quentin Robert De Nameland. Quentin: Folks, as you can see for yourself, the way this clock over here is behaving, time is of affliction.! Who is making those clouds these days, Who is making those new brown clouds, If you ask a philostopher he'll see that you pays ! Greggery takes a bumpy trail off the main short forest road, which leads him up the side of a famous and conveniently placed mountain, and into a strange cave, on the edge of a cliff, not far from a little twisted tree with eyes on it. N: Only to be terrified once again by a roar of immense laughter. And furthermore this information could be his, if only Greggery would attend a special therapeutic group assembly, (Classes now forming) and available at a special low low introductory fee and now here he is .. They allocated me a few ratio points for a torrent site, which I promptly used to download an ENORMOUS game that would've taken forever to get from the direct download on the game's site. They've cut my ethernet cable(seems kind of counter productive...) and threatened to break my eggs. ..that's why I'm asking to have my username changed to Cidira. I told them I'd do it in increments and it would be repaid but they won't have any of it! Narrator: A Peccary is a little pig with a white collar that usually hangs around between Texas and Paraguay. He told me he could get me out of town safely, but I was going to have to change my identity to keep the MIBs from tracking me down.

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