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If you want pics etc, or even video of how it can be done, please leave a message or drop me a private message, im sure the other half wont mind me using her body for a video/photoshoot of how to tie up."have done this a few times with my other half...finds it a real turn on being bound.

it also becomes thinner when under load so can cut in. If however you start to squash the flesh of the breast significantly I would recommend for safeties sake you remove it as soon as it becomes in anyway uncomfortable.natural fibre rope is your friend !!!try to avoid synthetic rope as it will be less grippy and slip also will not hold frictions very well.I use an 8mm rope so it doesnt cut in on wrists/ankles, breasts, etc etc.As for how to tie, on your own, you will be limited to what you can tie as you can only reach so far, get knots in some places, as for letting him tie you, well there is no end to your imagination.

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