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Hooked on genetics he made a second radical move to accept an offer from his doctoral advisor and joined him the Dight Institute of Genetics and on the University faculty where he had a distinguished career investigating the genetics of breast cancer and epilepsy. BS 1948 and MS 1953 at Saskatchewan University, Ph D fro Mc Gill He was an enthusiastic ASAer who gave many talks in churches.Years later, he would tell an interviewer: "I can see how God was leading me step by step into human genetics research." Elving never forgot his Christian roots and lectured at many Christian colleges in a period when Christian education was emerging from the Bible college period. Jim was in a wheelchair for nearly 40 years due to polio that he contracted on the mission field. Aulie (1927-2006) High School Biology Teacher and Historian of Science Of Chicago, IL, died 12-6-2006.Oliver Barclay served for two years as a wartime President of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (CICCU) and as Chairman of the students' national IVF Executive Committee.From his days in Trinity College, Cambridge, he formed a lifelong friendship with John Stott, also at Trinity, and two years his junior. Thus, a world enantiomorphic to our present world is referred to as a "d1row" in which 'snamuh' and other forms of "efil" are made up of 'sdnuopmoc' that are mirror images of those in our own bodies. Press, 1926): "The scientist does not speak of the last analysis but rather the next approximation." Robert M. Of Dallas, Texas, died of cardiac arrest on 22 November 1985, at age 72. He was a member of various mathematics and engineering societies and of Scofield Memorial Church of Austin, where a memorial service was held on November 25, "befitting the passing of a believer." Bob Adams was an effective witness on the U. campus, a man of deep faith, broad interests, and ready wit. His sons tell us that, to the end, his memory was near photographic, his wit sharp and dry, and his health good enough to feed cows every day. He had also taught at Northern Illinois in De Kalb before joining the Calvin faculty in 1972. (Our thanks for much of this information to Bob's brother-in-law, Calvin biologist Uko Zylstra. He graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 1895 with highest honours in Physics and Chemistry and a Gold Medal in Latin, and was appointed High School Principal the same year at the remarkably early age of 21. Soon I forget my self-consciousness, then myself; the room fades, the very earth becomes but a speck in a great immensity beckoning for study. He contributed an article " A personal God, viewed scientifically" to a 1950 collection evidence-god-expanding-universe, (1958). At California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, "Jack" Abernethy uses "mirror spellings" of words to drive home to organic chemistry students the significance of chirality (optical activity). Lewis's The Anatomy of Science (New Haven: Yale Univ. of Texas in Austin, where he taught for many years. He was born in Hong Kong of missionary parents and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sterling C. Kansas in two installments, interrupted by military service as pilot and navigator. Roy held eleven patents and encouraged more than 100 students to earn Ph D or MD degrees. of Connecticut (under ASA member Roy Gritter, now at IBM) and did postdoctoral work at Leiden in the Netherlands and at Florida State in Tallahassee. Frank Allen was born in New Brunswick, his later ancestors having moved into Canada among the United Empire Loyalists. A former student describes his first lecture in Physics thus: "Uneasy and diffident, I climb to the very back, the room fills, the lecture starts . Every now and again he pauses and apparently looking beyond the walls lays a fresh vision before us.

MSS SC 184 was donated to University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections in 1990 by Audrey Kerr of the University's Medical Library. Survived by wife, Carol; son, Carl Anders on; three daughters, Catherine (Jay) Sleiter, Christine (Richard) Anderson- Sprecher, Martha (Christopher) Anderson; six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. A lifelong Christian, he was involved with several churches and Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship where he taught Bible studies.

Ault taught at Nyack College in the 1960's and later at the Kings College NY, retiring in 1986. -1968) Science Teacher of Brookfield, Wisconsin died in 1968. He leaves his wife, Betty of 61 years, three sons, four granddaughters, and three great-grandchildren.

He then moved to TN to teach geology at Memphis State U, Memphis. Tim Wallace, (1919-2013) Zoology, UCCF General Secretary, Research Scientists Christian Fellowship (later CIS) Oliver Barclay's career in student ministry took him beyond his original interest in teaching biology in China yet he would play a critical role in developing organizations that sought to relate science and Evangelical Christianity and was an encouraging influence to the "cousins" across the water.

In appreciation for his pioneering work, with the Research Scientists Christian Fellowship (later Christians in Science) he elected by the ASA as an Honorary Fellow of the ASA.

He fostered the 1965 "select" meeting of RSCF and ASA in England and general meetings of the organizations in an 1985 meeting at Oxford He was born in Kobe, Japan, on 22 February 1919, the son of Joseph Gurney Barclay (who served with what is now the Church Mission Society).

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