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I know how hard they work because I’m doing it too, and I know why we do it.

I admire single-mindedness of purpose :) I’m Canadian though I now live in Aruba, I’m 29 years old, I’m a huge ass nerd and I’m an independent skype camgirl.I like try new things too so come suprise me with your ideeas I have more pics on flikr or clips on youtube or if u have gmail (1to11 folders to pick fro... If you wanna sale your soul for Devil,think about that very good,because in my company you feel TOTAL SATISFACTION and all YOUR wishes WILL become REALITY SWEET AS A LOLYPOP,cute as a butterfly, sometimes NICE,sometimes MOODY,sometimes SASSY,sometime... (In point of fact, given the amount of people in the room when I did give birth, I've put on something of a peep show already.) This isn't to say we lead some 50 Shades kind of life. Except those people that saw me pumping in the car as we PCSed this fall. And if they do, hey, maybe that's something that gets you going, too. What happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom, and as long as neither of you are getting hurt, it's none of my business.Actually, we're pretty normal, church going, regular old married people who often fall asleep before getting it on and then think better of it in the morning ... But you know what's also perfectly regular and normal? And so wanting to share that intimacy while he's gone is probably just as run of the mill. My husband would probably kill anyone else that saw my boobs. But the automatic assumption that husbands are sharing and distributing pictures of their wives' boobies is just about the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I just also channel the eternal wisdom of that sage musician, Usher...

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