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The Cenozoic sequence, emphasized herein, includes from botton to top: (1) basal, calcilithitic Early Tertiary Tamazulapam Conglomerate, (2) andesitic lava flows of Nduayaco “Group,” (3–4) Epiclastic/pyroclastic strata composing Yolomécatl Formation (∼40.3 ± 1.0 Ma), and Tayata Pyroepiclastics (5) Early Oligocene (∼32.9 Ma), felsic, pyroclastic Nundichi “Group,” (6) Late Oligocene (∼27.7 ± 0.7 Ma) andesitic lava flows of Nicananduta “Group” containing intercalations of unit (7) ? Quaternary deposits unconformably overlie the sequence. The structural record includes NNW-SSE folds in the Mesozoic units, and one in Tayata Pyroepiclastics, as well as numerous fractures/faults of diverse types, whose pattern seems to roughly define four geographic/structural domains, NW, SW, S, and E.

The Tertiary sequence records four magmatic and six deformational events: Pre-Late Eocene Extension accommodated by the Tamazulapam fault, along which magma of the Nduayaco “Group” moved upward.

Anyway, differences are expected due to the inherent diachronic nature of magmatism and deformation across SMS, and the fact that the events reported here took place inland, not around the Mixteco/Oaxaca Terranes block, where most events of these kinds occurred.

) is a public higher education institution in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

After this date, left lateral transpression emplaced a Teposcolula Limestone block over Nduayaco “Group” and ?

The University has several high schools as well as graduate and undergraduate campuses, which are distributed all over the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

It is regarded as the most significant university in the state and the second in the country, only behind the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

At the time of its foundation in 1586 the Santo Tomas de Aquino College began offering higher education in Guadalajara, and as a result it was the first institution that granted academic degrees.

The first one who requested to establish a university in Guadalajara was Friar Felipe Galindo y Chavez who, in 1696, asked the King Charles II of Spain to increase the range of the recently founded Royal Seminary of San Jose.

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