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Langlois & Roggman have suggested that the appeal of the average face is that we see it or faces like it more often than we see extremes of attractiveness or non-attractiveness – so we are more familiar and comfortable with it. However, Cellerino found that when average female faces were enhanced to be more ‘childlike’ – reflecting high levels of oestrogen – they were deemed to be more attractive.

wide cheekbones & narrow cheekbones also attractive – Michael Cunningham 1986 indicates high levels of oestrogen – A Cellerino (2003) Cellerino argues that humans have evolved to have a preference for baby features because this ensures that we take care of our young, A team of researchers in Liverpool and Poland analysed the records of 3201 Polish men aged between 20 and 60.

, one may reasonably expect to see two coordinated mutations achieve fixation in the timeframe of around 43.3 million years.

The reason for this, taken from Evolutionary Psychology, is thought to be that the characteristics associated with slightly feminised faces are better for long-term relationships but women will get better genes for healthy, attractive offspring from the more masculine man.

Coyne’s third take-home point from the fossil record is that, [E]volutionary change, even of a major sort, nearly always involves remodeling the old into the new.

The legs of land animals are variations on stout limbs of ancestral fish.

Lessons from the Fossil Record According to Coyne, there are three lessons to be learned from the fossil record.

The first one is that, [The fossil record] speaks loudly and eloquently of evolution.

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