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So, I decided to do it myself and set up 'Making Here Home'.

I'm a French Canadian from Ottawa Ontario, I love music and play bass and guitar.I blog about travel, crafts, photography, DIY, cooking, pets, and of course all our adventures! While becoming a proper citizen of the world, plenty catches my fancy. Expect the following: mishaps, tons of photographs, lots of cursing, and the truth about what's it's like to leave your life behind and build a new life in a new country.I write about adventures of expat life, tales from the mum front, just being an average human who really enjoys running, chocolate & vintage. My name is Stacey Sandlin Veikalas and I am originally from Colorado! Lifestyle and travel blog about living abroad in Germany, ranging from posts about travel destinations, to daily life posts where you can read about the subtle yet interesting differences about living abroad Welcome to my expat world, a personal blog written for you.And if I can help you too, by sharing my experiences and advice (usually learned from having done things the hard way..) then that's even better. My career was in marketing and change management and I worked for several large multinational organisations in the UK before my husband's job took us to Thailand.And then I had to work out who I was as an expat wife.

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