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The history of medical standards in civil aviation dates back to just after World War I when the International Commission on Air Navigation (ICAN) was established following the Paris Air Convention of 1919.This organization was set up to establish rules and regulations for the safe conduct of civil aviation.You are therefore the most important link in the chain of safety in the medical certification process.While performing your CAME function, you are acting as an agent of the Minister of Transport, so Transport Canada will indemnify you for any litigation that may come from your aviation medical examination activity which is conducted in good faith.More detailed information on the subject of aviation medicine can be obtained from the following books: Civil Aviation Medicine Branch has developed an Internet website which will be used more and more for the dissemination of information between the Branch and CAMEs.Those of you who have Internet access are welcome to browse the website and submit your comments.Over the years, the international standards and those of Canada have become more liberal to the point now that the majority of the population over the age of 16, if they so wished, would pass aviation medical certification examinations.

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In your role as a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME), you are usually the only person who physically examines the pilot or ATC and makes a recommendation for medical certification.

The mission is to ensure aircrew and air traffic controllers are medically fit, to close gaps in scientific knowledge of Canadian aviation medicine, to promote health and safety in the field of aviation and to prevent aircraft accidents due to medically related human factors.

There are currently four Regional offices across Canada located in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

CAM does not issue licences, it issues Medical Certificates (MCs).

Licensing is a responsibility of Transport Canada, General Aviation.

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