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This table below compares the differences of spoken and used vocabularies in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Due to centuries of contact with Europeans, Mughals, Arabs, Persians, and East Asians, The Bengali language has absorbed countless words from foreign languages, often totally integrating these borrowings into the core vocabulary.

The most common borrowings from foreign languages come from three different kinds of contact.

After centuries of contact from Persia and the Middle East, followed by the invasions of the Mughal Empire, numerous Turkish, Arabic, and Persian words were absorbed and fully integrated into the lexicon.

To compare the categorical variables we used the Chi-Square Pearson test.

Comparison of independent variables was made by Student’s value below 0.05 was considered significant. The study group included 413 patients, 345 Jews and 68 Arabs.

We examine the distribution of data using Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.

Deshi and bideshi borrowings together make up the remaining 8% of the vocabulary used in modern Bengali literature.Patients with bladder malignancy originated from outside the urinary system or unequivocal diagnosis were excluded.To determine extent of disease patients underwent either CT Urography or MR Urography.The data was collected from medical records and included gender, origin (Jewish or Arab), age at first presentation, tumor type, grade, and stage.Processing and analyzing the data were done using SPSS version 20 software (IBM, CA, USA).

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