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The dealer will always tell you something that I have found to be very true - pick the saw you think will work best then buy the next size bigger. The fit and finish and ergonomics verse the comparable 395 husky is better on air cleaner servicing, fuel caps, trigger and basic control layout. I do wish stihl had a sock that went over the air cleaner that helped shed off larger sawdust chips as the Oem design clogs up quick. I have never had a chain saw make me feel like a kid again as an adult.

This 461 came with a 25" bar and I purchased a longer 32" also for the big trees. I knew it would have plenty of power but I didn't think it would make me feel small again.

All new / newer Stihl saws like fresh gas - so if your saw sits more than a couple of weeks, dump the old and give it some fresh - some of the reviews say hard starting on most saws. It made me smile to feel small again if only for a little while. My 461R came with the standard 36" bar and it felt real nose heavy.

All in all the 461 is the best I have ever used / owned. I run Sthils 36" "Light" bar on my 461R and couldn't imagine running anything else on the saw. Ive got 4 smaller Sthil saws and I enjoy reaching for an appropriately sized saw for what I'm cutting. I swapped for Sthils "Light" bar (yes it cost more) and the saw feels lighter than my MS310!

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